Extraction Trip Valve
Product number: CP003
Added time: 2023/11/10
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Operating pressure: 0.3 Mpa

Working medium: water vapor

Control oil pressure: 0.6-1.2 Mpa

Closing time is less than: 1 S

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Product Features:

1. With fast shutdown and reverse function.

2. In a steam turbine with adjustable or non-adjustable extraction steam, the steam extraction speed shut-off valve is the main protection device between the steam turbine and the steam extraction pipe network. During the operation of the unit,

When the steam turbine load is lower than the specified value or because the speed of the system is fast, the steam speed closing valve is immediately closed, thus preventing the pipe network.

Steam backflow into the turbine, which is essential to avoid the rise of the unit's speed and the protection of the components in the low-pressure section from thermal stress.

Remarks: can be designed according to different parameters

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